Experiential Marketing & Consumer Activations_

We conceptualize and implement fully immersive brand experiences that ignite a conversation at your events.

As an integrated brand agency, we plan, design, market, coordinate, and execute branded experiences and events that attract between 500-25,000+ people.

We take care of everything associated with brand events, such as:
Handling vendors
Choosing promotional products
Choosing point-of-sale items

What drives us? We want to overcome the challenge of communicating brand messages at events. We want to leave a lasting impression.

JBi&Co can extend your brand across digital platforms, tell captivating stories through social media, and conceptualize and implement full immersive brand experiences that establish a steady flow of awareness and build brand equity and recognition at events.

It’s what we do best.

Our talented team tackles each of these items individually and creates a conversation among consumers and between your strategic channels. It’s a handoff with a steady handshake from one path on your journey to the next.

Experiential Marketing That Powers Your Business

We understand that many customers are reluctant to hand over data to companies unless they receive something worthwhile. For example, 79 percent of customers are willing to share relevant personal data about themselves in exchange for contextualized interactions. The problem is that marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly one-dimensional. We want to help you create something different. We want to help you create a reward that’s worth the risk.
This is where good experiential marketing comes in. It lets you create three-dimensional campaigns that provide consumers with value and piques their interest. This could boost lead generation significantly.

Why you need experiential marketing

Experiential marketing lets you engage your audience at various points in the marketing lifecycle. Research shows that this type of marketing inspires greater customer engagement than traditional marketing, especially among young audiences.
Here are some other facts about experiential marketing:
Ninety-eight percent of consumers create social or digital content at live experiences and events, and 100 percent of these consumers share this content.
Seventy-four percent of consumers are more likely to purchase after attending a branded event.
When consumers look back at branded content, they view the brand in a positive light.
As marketing leaders, we fully understand the experiential factors that nurture brand loyalty and, ultimately, drive sales. We increase loyalty without jeopardizing the shared values you have with your consumers. We don’t believe that the number of interactions you have with buyers is very important, but the quality of interactions.
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