Are you invisible?

Are you invisible?

What do you know about brand awareness?

Brand awareness is a term used in marketing that essentially describes the level of consumer recognition of a branded product by its name. Brand awareness is absolutely crucial, especially when speaking of the amelioration of an older brand or the development and stimulation of a new one. 

Are you worried now that your brand might be invisible amongst all the commotion of the current world? Are you wondering how you can garner a higher level of brand awareness?

Here are a few tasks to add to your list that may prove advantageous in the advancement of your brand:

  1. Social Concentration – With many social media networks from Facebook and Instagram to Pinterest and Reddit, dividing your efforts could be harmful. “Divide and conquer” is not the proper method when it comes to social media. If you have an idea of where your customer base resides, do not be fearful of focusing on just a few. Do not desert the other networks entirely, but dedicate your energy and put the elbow grease into what works best.

  2. Social Advertising – Where do people gather even when they cannot gather? Social media, of course. If you are zoned in to where your customers congregate most often, social ads could yield great results. Boosting posts may not create immediate conversions, but it will generate name recognition and gather followers.

  3. Social Media Contests – For the cost of what you are giving away, you are gaining shares. If you create a contest in which users share your content on their own pages or one in which users tag their friends for one or more entries, that contest could potentially reach more, or perhaps different, people than a paid advertisement.

  4. Think Locally, Not Just GloballyLocal collaborations are an invaluable resource, especially for businesses like local restaurants or eateries as well as specialty shops and storefronts. This could be as simple as incentivizing local businesses to keep your menus out for those in their waiting rooms by offering a discount to their employees.

  5. Loyalty and Referral Programs – To build on the previous item, offering individual customers a loyalty program discount or benefits for referrals is an additional invaluable resource. This could be discounts by downloading and then purchasing through an app, providing additional benefits to customers for referrals, or providing freebies once customers reach a specific number of orders or visits.

Hopefully this has been an eye-opener in terms of easy ways to attain an appreciable amount of brand awareness without spending too much of your marketing budget. If you would like to explore your options further, or you would like assistance with an effective strategy, we are always available and look forward to joining you on your brand’s journey.

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